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Postby F1MDT » 17 Mar 2015 19:01

Hello all,
When will the TRX500 will be available?
73 Alain
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Re: TRX500

Postby JH1GVY » 22 Mar 2015 02:24

Will TRX500 mean the transceiver of the 500kHz (475kHz) band?
Transverter may be good for the saving of the expense and the simplification of the shack.
Please see the following for your reference.

It is Transverter to combine with FT817.
FT817 transmits 1,975kHz and receives 475kHz.
Schematic ... x_schi.gif
Appearance ... dFT817.jpg
Interior ... onv_in.jpg

7L1RLL and I JH1GVY transmitted WSPR beacon of 475kHz band.
7L1RLL used TX500 and I used this transverter system.

System drawing
Schematic(Dual band) ... _schi2.gif

It can support much modulation mode except SSB and PSK.
19 of the head of 1,975kHz turns into 4 and can transmit 475kHz. Two columns of 75kHz does not
change from the bottom. If it is 1,972kHz, the result is 472kHz.
I turn on CAL switch to conform transmission frequency to reception frequency and make a
transmission state without the power amplification. Then, I make two columns of bottoms of the
transceiver transmission frequency the same as two columns of bottoms of the reception
The transmission output is possible to 50 watts in CW. It is possible to 20 watts by the
digital mode.
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