PA100-D Chip identification

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PA100-D Chip identification

Postby EA4CKL » 22 Jan 2013 18:42

I´ve just received the kit.

First: congratulations for the electronic and mechanical desing.

Second: I have a doubt with the identification of chips IC3, IC11 and IC10 of the Digital Control Module, there is no dot indicating pin number 1. I suppose pin number 1 may be in the lower leftside of the text printed on the chips, that is, where de ST trade mark. ¿Am I right?
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Re: PA100-D Chip identification

Postby KH2BR » 23 Jan 2013 03:04

Look for one side that is beveled. With the beveled side facing you, the left side is pin one.
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Re: PA100-D Chip identification

Postby 5B4AIY » 23 Jan 2013 09:15

By way of illustration, examine the attached JPEG image of a chip from the Juma TRX-2 Filter Module, you can clearly see the 45 degree chamfer on the left-hand side, pin 1 is at the top left-hand corner.
73 Adrian, 5B4AIY
Crop Showing 45 Degree Chamfer.jpg
Crop showing 45 degree chamfer
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