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PA100-D Linear question

Postby KD1NA » 29 Jul 2012 01:51

I am presently having a lot of fun building the PA100-D linear and have finished the control board and frequincy detection board. I am still building the rest of the linear and enjoying the challange of working with surface mounted components. I have powered up just the control module and it boots up fine, the display works perfectly and the front panel switches seem to be working. I am getting a flashing SWR alarm with beeps but I think that is because nothing is connected to this module at this time.

My question. What is the jumper configuration for J1 on the control board. I know it effects the secondary RS232 port that is not used but there is no information that I can find that indicates weather I need jumpers in J1 or not. Could someone please advise.
Thanks and 73
Dave KD1NA :geek:
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Re: PA100-D Linear question

Postby OH2NLT » 29 Jul 2012 17:21

Hello Dave
J1 in the control board is for second serial port connection. ... cs-b-2.pdf

Second serial port (UART2) is not used in the standard PA100-D firmware. You should leave all J1 pins open.

73 Juha oh2nlt
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