JUMA TX 500 no HF Output ?

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JUMA TX 500 no HF Output ?

Postby dk1kq » 21 Aug 2012 13:02

just finished a TX 500 - but - no Power Output.
I seems to be, that the Signal "Buffer" is not generated which ist op Voltage for Buffer

Question: What is generating the +5 Voltage "Buffer" ? (Software)

73 uwe
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Re: JUMA TX 500 no HF Output ?

Postby OH2NLT » 21 Aug 2012 21:24

Hello Uwe
yes BUFFER signal comes from micro controller I/O. If you follow the schematics you can find it at J3 / pin13. In the control board (same as PA100D control board) the signal name is changed to SPI_LATCH. Please check continuity with ohm meter. Also check that there are no short circuits to the ground or other signals.

73 Juha oh2nlt
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