Juma PA-100D v3.0c Build 7

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Juma PA-100D v3.0c Build 7

Postby 5B4AIY » 27 Apr 2020 10:07

This update fixes a very minor and subtle bug, as well as optimizing the fan speed control code. The bug was that in the Calibration & Setup the number of words saved and the CRC was not sent when a serial terminal was connected. As for optimizing the Fan Speed code, as a result of the enforced lock-down measures, I had nothing else better to do!

This version can be loaded over a previous version 3, but if you update from any earlier version you will have to at least re-check the calibration values, and if you update from an original version since both the measurement systems and the EEPROM mapping changed, you will have to re-calibrate. Fortunately most of the settings are determined in hardware, so only some software values will need resetting.

As before, it is a good practice to make a note of your existing calibration and user configuration settings prior to updating. There are pages at the back of the User Manual specifically for this data.

Adrian, 5B4AIY
PA-100D v3.00c Build 7 (Source Code+User Manual).zip
Minor bug fix, and some code optimization.
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