Juma TRX-2 Version: 3.0a Build 30

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Juma TRX-2 Version: 3.0a Build 30

Postby 5B4AIY » 13 Aug 2017 10:28

Version 3.0a Build 30 modifies the way the Rapid Band-Switch feature operates. In this version RBS has 5 modes of operation:

In this mode the frequencies are fixed, and are roughly in the centre of the 9 bands from 160m to 10m, and are legal for the IARU Region 1 as well as the USA General/Extra classes.

Initially the frequencies are the same as those in the DEFAULT setting, but now they can be changed to suit your needs. To change the frequency, tune to the desired frequency and select the desired MODE, and then invoke the second function of the FILTER button by pressing and holding until the acknowledgement beep sounds. The top line of the display will show the amateur band into which you have saved the current frequency and mode.

In this mode, the frequency/mode that will be saved is the last frequency/mode when you change bands.

This is a temporary mode, and can only be invoked from MODE-B. To use this mode, ensure that RBS is set to MODE-B. Tune to the frequency/mode you wish to save, and press and hold the FILTER button until the acknowledgement beep sounds. You can now continue tuning around the same band, and when you wish to recover the previous stored frequency/mode, invoke the RBS function, BUT DO NOT CHANGE BANDS! Your saved frequency/mode will then be restored when you exit the RBS function.

As with all the modes, when you invoke the RBS function, the frequency which will be restored is displayed on the bottom line of the LCD, as well as the current mode, DEFAULT, MODE-A, MODE-B, MODE-C, or Locked. To cancel the MODE-C, simply invoke the RBS function, and move the VFO knob and select another band, and then turn back to re-select the previous band, you will see the mode indicator change from MODE-C to MODE-B, and the previously saved frequency/mode will be restored.

If this mode is selected, then the User Band Memory settings are locked.

The scenario that was envisioned for the new MODE-C sub-mode was, suppose you are tuning around for example, 20m, and you come across a DX pile-up. You would like to save the frequency, but also continue scanning the band. To save the frequency, in MODE-B, press and hold the FILTER button until the acknowledgement beep sounds, and the DX pile-up frequency is now saved. Continue searching the band, and when you wish to go back to the pile-up, press and hold the RIT button to invoke the RBS function, and then exit it without moving the VFO knob, and the saved frequency/mode will be restored.

This new MODE-B/C now gives you some of the security of MODE-A, with the flexibility of the old MODE-B.

As this new version does not change the EEPROM mapping, then it is safe to load over a previous version 3.0. However, as with all firmware updates, it is good practice to make a note of your existing calibration and configuration settings prior to loading this new version. If your previous version of firmware is earlier than version 3.0, then a checksum error will be displayed on initial start up after updating. This is perfectly normal, and only occurs the first time. If your previous version was one of mine, then make a note of your calibration/configuration settings, prior to updating, and then re-enter them afterwards, otherwise you will have to re-calibrate your transceiver. If you are updating from an original firmware version, then you will have to re-calibrate anyway, as the measurement system is completely different.

Details are included in the User Manual.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY
Juma TRX2 Operation Manual v3.00a Build 30 (Text Only).pdf
Revised User Manual.
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Juma TRX-2 v3.00a Build 30 (C-Source+HEX Load Files).zip
Modified RBS operation.
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