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Juma TRX-2 v2.00b Build 11

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2016 08:06
by 5B4AIY
Whilst performing a code examination I noticed that when calculating the SWR there was a very remote possibility of provoking a Math Trap Error. If the reflection coefficient was ever exactly 1 then an infinite VSWR would be registered provoking the error.

In the last 4 years I have never had either a report of this, or experienced it myself, despite exhaustive testing, but nevertheless as it is a trivial matter to prevent it, this version of the firmware incorporates an additional line of code for this purpose.

As there are no EEPROM changes, this version can be safely loaded over a previous version 2. As usual, it is a wise precaution to make a note of your calibration and configuration values prior to performing this update. If you are updating from an earlier version of my firmware, please note that as version 2 incorporates an entirely new checksum algorithm this will provoke a Checksum Error on initial start-up. Make a note of your calibration and configuration values, and re-enter after updating, as well as redoing the Auto Equalisation procedure. If you are updating from an original version of the firmware, then as the measurement system is completely different, in addition to the checksum error on initial star-up, you will also have to re-calibrate and perform the Auto-Equalisation procedure.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY