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Postby oh3NAQ » 25 Sep 2020 17:14

Hello Adrian,

I got my HAM radio license in 1970 and ever since worked with many kinds of radios throughout the years. My present-day equipment JUMA TRX2 and PA100-D, I built between the years 2011 - 2012.
Now I have been gearing myself up for using the FT8-mode.

I bought Yaesu SCU-17 unit to connect my JUMA TRX2+PA100D into my computer (desktop/laptop). My WSJT-X program is the newest version (2.2.2.).
During this awful corona virus summer I have tested all possibilities I could think of to set up in WSJT-x and in Juma's Configurations.

All my trials to get the FT8 mode working have failed so far, TRX2 PTT puts the transmisson ON but there is no audiosignal. TRX2's output is 0 watts.

Do you happen to know, who could help me configurate JUMA TRX2 and my SCU-17 unit and WSJT-X in order to start my new mode FT8?

73 de Jussi OH3NAQ
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