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Postby KC8ARD » 16 Sep 2020 17:55

Hello everyone. I have a question. I recently had PCBWay make a few copies of the TRX2 and TRX1 pcbs. Since they want at least 5 copies of each board I have several spare from the order. Would it be alright to sell the spare ones on eBay or offer them for sale here on the forum? My goal is not to make any money but to recover partially the cost of manufacture. I'm going to be building a pair of TRX1 and TRX2, so i'll have 3 sets of each to spare. I had most of the boards for the TRX2 done in ENIG with the exception of the connector, front panel, and rear panel, so it was a bit expensive. The TRX1 boards are HASL.
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