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Polyphase boards

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2019 12:04
by M0KHZ
OK I'm an idiot!

I purchased a Juma TRX2 kit last year, recently started retirement, and have started to construct my Juma.....
All is progressing nicely BUT I'm missing the two Polyphase boards and components! I know they were supplied but I've 'lost them', I've spent two days now going through all my project boxes and parts draws but I can't find them anywhere.
Is there a chance I can buy replacements?

Kevin - M0KHZ (the idiot!)

Re: Polyphase boards

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2019 11:51
by M0KHZ
Found them! Just before I was about to CAD another board :)
Next week I'm soldering again!
Kevin - M0KHZ