Juma 1000, juma com HUB and KX-3

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Juma 1000, juma com HUB and KX-3

Postby E77DX » 17 Apr 2019 14:31

Hello ,

i have here
Juma1000 firmware 1.29 boudrate 38400 polling 1000ms
KX-3 boud rate 38400 Auto inf to ANT CTRL
JUMA COM HUB correctly installed (led green, COM8 in my PC) jummper for speed is on 38400 and no jummper for radio

KX-3 and Hub are connected with RS-232 cable
also Hub and Juma 1000 are connected with RS-232 cable

but i have no communication at all
nothing with PC and nothing with PA

when i´m using only RS-232 cable from KX-3 to Juma 1000 everything is working fine

any ideas?

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Re: Juma 1000, juma com HUB and KX-3

Postby W1CQ » 24 Apr 2019 01:32

Hi Braco,

Which PC software are you using?
It should work with the instructions at http://www.jumaradio.com/juma-com-hub/

Perhaps using a different USB port on the computer, if one is available, would reset the USB bus.

Also: Note2. Select "Hand Shaking: None" in PC/Mac application COM settings (COM HUB is not supporting Hand Shaking).

As I recall, the PA1000 polling can be set to OFF.

73 de W1CQ RYAN
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