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Juma TRX-2 Version: 3.0a Build 30

Postby 5B4AIY » 13 Aug 2017 10:37

There is a new version of my firmware which modifies the way that the Rapid Band-Switch feature operates. It adds a sub-mode that allows the User Memory to be used as a temporary 'scratch-pad'.

I was asked if it was possible to save a frequency temporarily. The scenario envisioned tuning, for example, 20m, and then coming across a DX pile-up. You would like to save this frequency and then come back to it. Whilst you could certainly save it to the normal memory, if this is only temporary, there is a now a quicker way.

With this version, simply press and hold the FILTER button until the acknowledgement beep sounds, and the frequency and mode will be saved. You can then continue scanning the band. When you wish to retrieve the saved frequency, press and hold the RIT button to invoke the Rapid Band-Switch function, and then simply exit without making any changes, and the saved frequency will be restored.

For full details, go to the section of the website where my firmware modifications are saved, and download the new version.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY
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