TRX2A Which screws?

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TRX2A Which screws?

Postby DG4FCO » 21 May 2017 13:47


I am building a Juma TRX2A and try the build-in of DDS, Main-Board and back-plate.
The case comes with a few screws (look like self-tapping screws) for fixating the plates
with the case. But there also some screws in the set (metric?).
Which should I use? Or why not the case-specific ones?
Also the description said to make some sinkings in the case for the front pannel
screws. But this doesn't make sense to me. May I need more pictures, because
the front-panel hold the heads of the scres, not the side panel?

Hope someone can enlighten me.

72/3 de Frank, DG4FCO
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Re: TRX2A Which screws?

Postby 5B4AIY » 22 May 2017 10:02

TRX2 Front Panel.JPG
Close-up view of TRX-2 front panel.
Hi, Frank,

I am attaching a photo of the front panel of my Juma TRX-2. You will note that the DDS board is secured to the front panel by means of a threaded spacer, illustrated in your parts list, and identified as a 12mm M3 'spacer screw', which is secured to the DDS board. Then a 3mm screw secures this to the front panel. In my case I replaced the 3mm screws with 3mm socket-headed screws simply because I liked their look.

The aluminium side-bars are secured to the front and back panels with 3mm self-tapping screws. In my case these were round-head cross-point screws as you can see, but in the parts list these are illustrated as countersunk headed cross-point screws. If this is what you have then either you will have to replace them with round-head cross-point, or else carefully countersink the holes in the front and rear panels.

In order to make the final assembly easier I found it was better to fully screw these self-tapping screws into the holes in the bars first, and in order to get them started, it is easier if you slightly countersink the holes first.

I hope this helps.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY
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Re: TRX2A Which screws?

Postby DG4FCO » 22 May 2017 13:10

Thank's Adrian,

this Picture help a lot.
There should be more pictures outside of our building experience :D

72/3 de Frank, DG4FCO
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Re: TRX2A Which screws?

Postby OH2NLT » 30 May 2017 12:28

Hello Frank
if you have time please browse JUMA pages more deeply. Almost all pictures are hot links to larger detail pictures. There are also plenty of detail hot links embedded in the text.

From the technical page

you can find even more construction details ... notes.html

You just have to spend some time browsing all the possible corners of the pages. You may also take a look about other JUMA equipment pages becauce many tehnical details are the same across the whole JUMA line.

73 Juha oh2nlt
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Re: TRX2A Which screws?

Postby DG4FCO » 31 May 2017 09:37

Hello Juha,

also thanks to you. I should analyze more photos and try educated guess :D
Especially because some parts of the chassis was changed by the manufacturer,
as I also notive with my other handicraft work.

72/3 de Frank, DG4FCO
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