Firmware modification for JUMA TX-136/500

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Firmware modification for JUMA TX-136/500

Postby JL1VNQ » 31 Mar 2015 17:28

Hi there,

In order to enable the transmission by modes other than CW, I added some changes the firmware for JUMA TX136/500.
This modified firmware is based on the original firmware version 1.04, and is not Patrick's version.

Added main features are as follows.

1) Multimode beacon transmission available
QRSS10, QRSS30, QRSS60, QRSS120 (dot:dash = 1:2)
DFCW10(dot-dash shift frequency 1.5Hz), DFCW30(0.5Hz), DFCW60(0.25Hz), DFCW120(0.12Hz)
WSPR-2, WSPR-15(manual start, auto start and repeat)

2) EIA-232(RS-232C) serial communication to GPS receiver module through internal UART2 port (J1 header)
(original serial port (UART1, stereo jack of rear panel) not use)
GPS time synchronization for internal clock (only once when capturing signals from satellites)
Grid Locator calculation

3) Timer synchronized auto start WSPR transmission

4) Beacon message editor by JUMA's panel switches
Max 32characters as QRSS, DFCW (common) message can be saved to EEPROM
WSPR standard message can be saved to EEPROM and encoding symbol

5) External command of transmitting frequency shift for various FSK modes
Additional serial command available

6) Another feature
CW sidetone frequency 20Hz step setting
TX frequency and OSC reference frequency 1Hz step setting
Iambic B mode is changed to be closed to “CMOS Super Keyer” mode
Power limitation for mobile (TX-136: default OFF, TX-500: default ON)
Frequency range limited according to IARU Band Plan (TX-136: 135.7-137.8kHz, TX-500: 472-479kHz)
OLED display module support (model WEH001602A by WINSTER Display CO.,LTD. tested)

This firmware compiled by C30 compiler ver3.31 in MPLAB IDE ver8.89.

Uploaded file contains source file, compiled hex file and pdf file of instruction manual.

Thanks for publish source code, and thanks to Mori (JH1GVY) who tested modified firmware and gave me important advice.

73, Haru JL1VNQ
contents: source code, hex file, document
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Re: Firmware modification for JUMA TX-136/500

Postby JH1GVY » 07 Apr 2015 06:14

Connection of the GPS receiver in case of me.
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Re: Firmware modification for JUMA TX-136/500

Postby JL1VNQ » 16 Apr 2015 08:51

Hi there,

I added a manual reset function of the internal clock.
This is useful when the GPS receiver module is not unconnected or satellite acquisition.

I will attach a detailed description and firmware file.

Please try.

firmware hex file and instruction pdf file included
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