JUMA PA1000 - update?

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JUMA PA1000 - update?

Postby ok1rp » 26 Jul 2014 14:08

Latest update available - 31/12/2013
JUMA PA1000 is now capable of providing more than 1kW PEP wide band power. The problems which caused the LDMOS failure has been solved with innovative output matching. Currently the weakest point in the amplifier is the LPF filter capacitors which can not handle long time 5A RF current in key down test. The capacitors will heat up to extreme temperatures and fail during key down test. This issue will be solved with lower loss capacitors. Currently the weight of the amplifier including resonance SMPS is only 5.5 kg. You can carry it with one finger!

I would like to gently ask for any update for the amplifier. What is the current status please? Is the problem with LPF caps solved already? Mni tks for any update.

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73 - Petr, ok1rp
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Re: JUMA PA1000 - update?

Postby OH7SV » 24 Aug 2014 22:00

Have a look on JUMA PA1000 update www.jumaradio.com/juma-pa1000/

73 Matti OH7SV
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