TRX2A+PA100-D & Cat CTRL

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TRX2A+PA100-D & Cat CTRL

Postby TF3VS » 22 Aug 2013 14:15

I recently finished building my PA100-D to go with my TRX2A.
What about the cat control, is it not possible to have it when the PA100-D is connected?

73 Villi
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Re: TRX2A+PA100-D & Cat CTRL

Postby 5B4AIY » 23 Aug 2013 07:25

Hi, Villi,
Whether you can operate the TRX-2/PA-100D combination under CAT control rather depends upon which firmware you are using. If you are using the original firmware, then you will have to use the TRX-2 RS-232 port for CAT control, and connect the TRX-2 RF O/P to the PA-100D RF input for both the RF signal and the Tx/Rx signal, and use the F-Sense mode in the PA-100D. If you look at the schematics you will find that when the TRX-2 is in the Transmit state, there is a +12V signal on the RF output that is detected at the PA-100D RF input port as the transmit/receive signal, so you do not need any other keying signal.

If you are using my firmware package for both the TRX-2 and the PA-100D, then you have a few more options. You can still use the same connections as before, but if you use the excellent TRX-Manager CAT program, you can now have full automatic band switching via the serial port as well. In this mode the Juma TRX-2 RS-232 port is set to the TRX-2 mode of operation, and you need to make a 'Y' cable so that the transmit and receive data is connected to the computer serial port, and the Juma TRX-2 transmit data is extended to the PA-100D receive data port. In this mode, using the Auto-Inform option, any frequency/band change is sent to both the computer and the PA-100D, and automatic band changing occurs. I considerably extended the Juma TRX-2 command/response mode to include a full control command set that is used by the TRX-Manager CAT program.

In addition, with my firmware, whenever the transceiver switches to transmit, the band signal is automatically sent to both the compuer and the PA-100D, so there is a double safety feature that the PA-100D is constantly being updated as to the actual band in use.

If you wish to use another CAT program, such as HRD, then you would have to set the TRX-2 to one of its emulation modes, in the original firmware the only choice was the Yaesu mode, but with my firmware you can also choose the Kenwood emulation. You would then have to default the PA-100D to the F-SENSE frequency sense mode.

So the answer to your question, is yes, TRX-2 CAT operation with the PA-100D is perfectly possible. In addition, in the latest firmware for the PA-100D I have also incorporated an Elecraft KX-3 mode so that it operates with this little transceiver as well.

If you need any more explanation of technical help, let me know, I'm always happy to be of assistance.

73, Adrian, 5B4AIY
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