JUMA PA100 Analog - Review

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JUMA PA100 Analog - Review

Postby KI6PU » 03 Feb 2013 17:03

After acquiring the kit about a year ago I realized it was beyond my kit building expertise. Through the JUMA Community I found KH2BR, Robert, who was willing to build JUMA kits. Robert agreed to construct the JUMA 100 amplifier and returned the completed kit within ten days. I was highly impressed with his talent for constructing this kit. I am really satisfied with the quality of the amplifier and its appearance (not black or gray). The amplifier is used every day on SSB and CW and I am very pleased with its operation. I like the analog version because it enables me to switch quickly through the METER functions to determine if there are any problems. The GAIN control allows the output to be varied from about 35 watts to 100 watts using the FlexRadio 1500 (5 watts). Several times the cooling fan came on due to excessive heat from high SWR. The fan is very quiet and cooled the final transistors quickly. If the SWR is adjusted to 1:1 the fan has never operated during transmissions.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the JUMA PA100 amplifier and its builder, Robert, KH2BR. Also, I would recommend this amplifier to those hams who want a high quality amplifier to give their QRP rigs a little more output.

John KI6PU
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Re: JUMA PA100 Analog - Review

Postby KH2BR » 08 Aug 2020 20:43

Thank you for putting your trust into my building capabilities.

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Re: JUMA PA100 Analog - Review

Postby OH7SV » 09 Aug 2020 20:59

Hello John,

Nice to hear that you are happy with your JUMA PA100 :D

And thank you Robert for your first-rate building!

73 Matti OH7SV
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