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Postby WB2MSC » 09 Dec 2012 00:42

Well, I got a breakout board for the DDS AD9833. This time I baked the AD9833 on with a hotplate and some solder paste. It worked like a charm. There were a few small solder bridges, easily taken care of with a bit of flux and unsoldering braid. I then wired the small board to the DDS board using some thin magnet wire using the schematic (hopefully correctly). It reminds me of an old VW commerical, "It's ugly but gets you there." It looks terrible. I then mounted the DDS/LCD in the box with the other boards.

It is now time for wiring and testing. If you hear that New Jersey disappeared, it wasn't Sandy, it was a massive thermonuclear event due to a TRX1 and a mad and dangerous ham. By the way, when mounting the electromechanicals, the ON/OFF/Volume pot has a long black stem preventing me from putting on the very nice knob that came with the kit. I tried removing it but couldn't as I didn't want to break the pot. Any ideas?

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