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Re: TRX2A Which screws?

Hello Frank if you have time please browse JUMA pages more deeply. Almost all pictures are hot links to larger detail pictures. There are also plenty of detail hot links embedded in the text. From the technical page
30 May 2017 12:28
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: TRX2A Which screws?
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Re: TX136/500 v1.07 OPERA and JASON modes added

Hello Geir
answer for your first question.

You can find original firmware binary from here.

and full source code package from here. ... opers.html

73 Juha oh2nlt
11 Apr 2016 20:20
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: TX136/500 v1.07 OPERA and JASON modes added
Replies: 11
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Re: TX500 SWR problem

Hello John SWR alarm means that the control board microcontroller measure some voltage in the REW-PWR analog input. Please see the schematic diagrams and start fault finding by measuring the voltage in the main board REV signal (J3 pin 2). Continue to the control board. Signal same is changed to REW...
24 Aug 2012 10:08
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: TX500 SWR problem
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Re: JUMA TX 500 no HF Output ?

Hello Uwe yes BUFFER signal comes from micro controller I/O. If you follow the schematics you can find it at J3 / pin13. In the control board (same as PA100D control board) the signal name is changed to SPI_LATCH. Please check continuity with ohm meter. Also check that there are no short circuits to...
21 Aug 2012 21:24
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: JUMA TX 500 no HF Output ?
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Re: PA100-D with an Elecraft KX3

PA100D auto band detect is base on input frequency counter. From the SSB signal it is sometimes difficult to decide right frequency range (band). If you have difficulties with auto band it is better to select the band manually and save the PA100D low pass filter switching relays. Switching filters w...
21 Aug 2012 10:13
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: PA100-D with an Elecraft KX3
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Re: TRX2 More narrow filter

Hello Brett there is adjustable SCAF type filter in the TRX2. With push button you can quickly select one of the three setups. Each setup upper edge is adjustable. Following picture and the user manual explains the SSB/CW filter operation. Blo...
15 Aug 2012 08:54
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: TRX2 More narrow filter
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Re: PA100-D Linear question

Hello Dave
J1 in the control board is for second serial port connection. ... cs-b-2.pdf

Second serial port (UART2) is not used in the standard PA100-D firmware. You should leave all J1 pins open.

73 Juha oh2nlt
29 Jul 2012 17:21
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: PA100-D Linear question
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