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Re: Juma 1000, juma com HUB and KX-3

Hi Braco, Which PC software are you using? It should work with the instructions at Perhaps using a different USB port on the computer, if one is available, would reset the USB bus. Also: Note2. Select "Hand Shaking: None" in PC/Mac application COM set...
by W1CQ
24 Apr 2019 01:32
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: Juma 1000, juma com HUB and KX-3
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Re: Juma PA1000

Hi Dee, Seems you are looking for finer control of output for lower power settings since the transceiver level may not give such control in that range. (I'm driving the PA1000 with just 5-10W using a KX3 so there is more adjustable range). You likely know alot on RF power overshoot with certain tran...
by W1CQ
27 Feb 2019 04:31
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: Juma PA1000
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