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Re: Circuit diagram of TRX2A Main Board Rev. C?

Frank and others,

Pse check always the latest documents in the "Technical kit info" link in each Juma kit page.
It can be found in left-top corner. See eg TRX2A here

73 Admin
by admin
07 Sep 2017 21:10
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: Circuit diagram of TRX2A Main Board Rev. C?
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Re: PA100-D availability


PA100-D is now available in Juma Shop as well as other Juma kits ;)

73 Admin
by admin
07 Sep 2017 20:43
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: PA100-D availability
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Problem resolved, Juma shop is now up and running.

The web hosting company had upgraded PHP version in the server and that caused some incompatibility issues.
The problem is now resolved and Juma shop is up and running

- admin
by admin
16 Mar 2013 10:47
Forum: Juma Discussion
Topic: Problem with Juma Shop
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Registration instructions ***important***

As a guest you can only read posts. If you want to reply or create a new topic please register. Because there are hundreds of spam registering trials monthly the only way to register is to send email to admin. Please send "Juma Forum register request" to admin**** Modify **** ...
by admin
11 Nov 2011 15:35
Forum: *** Registration instructions ***
Topic: Registration instructions ***important***
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